Turkey: Insights into a dynamic country

Turkey is one of the most strongly expanding national economies in Europe. This process is accompanied by large scale changes in education, economics and politics. The Turkish Day initiated by the Potsdam Research Network pearls will offer you latest insights into the recent political developments (Prof. Süheyla Schröder), a historical tour back in time to the development of the Turkish university system (Dr. Meltem Akbas), and comes back to the modern Istanbul with a presentation about the new German-Turkish University established as a joint effort of two partner countries.

Turkey Day
 As a country with young and dynamic (65% under the age of 35) population, Turkey is investing a lot of effort and resources into the development of the educational system. The recent bilateral projects started by the governments of Germany and Turkey, such as the German-Turkish University in Istanbul, contribute to a new understanding between the countries. This new basis for cooperation also raises many questions on the political and public processes in a country, which needs to be discovered in a new light by Germany.  

Join us for the inspiring talks and an informal get-together at:

Am Mühlenberg 11
14476 Potsdam-Golm
Thursday, 30.06.2011 at 14:00

For participation please register at: info@pearlsofscience.de