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Andreas Blümlein | 6. Oktober 2017 00:00

„Critical Reasoning and Logic“
Date: October 16. / 17., 2017; workshop language: English
The participants learn to state their arguments in a precise and logically coherent way. They learn to identify the strengths and weaknesses of arguments quickly and how to break-down arguments into their logical structure. Furthermore, they practice analytical thinking.

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„Research-Based learning as a Teaching Method”
Date: November 6., 2017; workshop language: English
„Research-Based Learning” provides an answer to both situations: On one side, it supports the development to deal with complex and unknown topics and fosters the formation of self-confidence...

On the other side, it provides a framework in which a learning process is an authentic and self-determined learning experience leading to a higher perception of one’s self-efficacy. It is a learning format more close to the nature of man and therefore leads to higher learning motivation in social, humanitarian as well as natural sciences.
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