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PoGS-Course Program

Workshop "On Doing Sound and Ethical Research" (for Life and Natural Sciences)

 - This workshop is offered in cooperation with the Dahlem Research School and the Humboldt Graduate School -

When does deleting a band on a blot constitute misconduct, or even fraud? What about selecting and reporting a very unusual result as being representative of the data? How should I react if I have the suspicion that scientists in my laboratory environment are ‘behaving badly’? In our seminar we will discuss the topics listed below. The ultimate goal for this workshop is to sensitize you to the issue of good scientific practice, and explore what it means for your own work.
Even though doctoral candidates in all phases can profit from this workshop, it is especially useful for those in the initial stages of their research.


  • Responsibilities of research
  • Supervisors and trainees data management (including image manipulation)
  • Publication practices
  • Authorship
  • Peer review and privileged information
  • Collaborations
  • Human subjects research
  • Financial conflicts of interest
  • How to react in case of suspected misconduct (‘whistleblowing’)

Please note this is a highly participative workshop. It is important to bring along your own poster (or one that you wish to practice with) to this lively and interactive learning experience.

Workshop profile

Target group
PhDs of the Life and Natural Sciences
Duration 2 days


Dr. Adam Wilkens


Dahlem Research School, Hittorfstraße 16, 14195 Berlin


Registration will be possible  in April