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Workshop: "Leadership using the linking skills"

 - this course is held in English -


Most of us have some grasp of what the word leadership means, and most probably some experience of what it feel like to be led, and yet few have a clear concept of what skills are needed to actually put leadership into practice. The good news is that leadership is a learnable skill. The first subject we will cover is the five phases a team goes through in its evolution, and we will follow this with the 13 leadership competencies (Linking Skills) as described by Margerison-McCann. These competencies will support you as a leader, covering personal, social and methodological skills.

Focus: The five team phases, their significance in team success and what the role of the leader is. Exploration of the 13 leadership skills and an assessment of your personal potential.

Workshop Profil

Methods short lectures; individual work; pair work; group work; plenary discussions; sharing experience
Target group PhDs and Postdocs
Duration 2 days


Enthusiasm for English and people led Betty Boden to study English and Educational Science. Several years in international companies followed and she gained exoerience as Coordinator in Sales and Exports. This operational knowledge informed her bi-lingual career as trainer and coach, and postgraduate study equipped her to support clients in various contexts e.g. universities, training institutes, companies.

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