International Teaching Professionals

Supplemental Certificate for Early-Stage Researchers

Are you planning an international academic career? Do you want to improve your didactic skills and gather teaching experience? Would you like to network with other international researchers?
The Potsdam Graduate School announces for the sixth time an English-language teaching certification offered as a supplemental qualification for internationally-oriented researchers. The International Teaching Professionals (ITP) program offers early-stage researchers a comprehensive framework in which to further their university didactic skills and network with one another. The program is designed both for foreign PhD and postdoctoral candidates, as well as German researchers who aim at an international academic career.

 The application period ends on July 5th, 2015

 Goal of the program

For foreign researchers, it is frequently difficult to gain teaching experience due to language barriers or uncertainties about the local teaching culture. The “International Teaching Professionals” program provides the participants with didactic and methodological know-how and helps them design a course in close connection with their own field of research and communicate it to students. The certified teaching experience offers a long-term advantage for their future academic careers. Along with the acquisition of university didactic competence, the program additionally aims to improve networking among international researchers.

 What the program includes:

  • Didactic training by didactic experts in English
  • Practical teaching project at one of the departments of the University of Potsdam
  • Mentoring by an experienced university teacher
  • The “ProTeaching” forum to exchange ideas
  • Mutual teaching observations to support peer feedback
  • A final certificate documenting participation in the program
  • For international PhD candidates of the University of Potsdam can be offered financial support to compensate for additional work load which might arise with program participation

We assorted a list of frequently asked questions with the corresponding answers.
Please find this list here: FAQ



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Auftakt- und Abschlussveranstaltung 2014

Am 15. Oktober 2014 fand die Auftakt- und Abschlussveranstaltung im Rahmen des International Teaching Professionals Programms statt. Der vierte ITP-Durchgang wurde mit der Zertifikatsübergabe erfolgreich abgeschlossen.  Die Teilnehmenden des fünften Jahrgangs begrüßte Prof. Dr. Ulrike Demske, Vizepräsidentin der Universität Potsdam für Internationales, Alumni und Fundraising.

Die ersten hochschuldidaktischen Workshops des aktuellen Durchgangs fanden bereits im August und September statt. Die Veranstaltung bot alten und neuen Programmteilnehmenden die Gelegenheit, sich gegenseitig kennenzulernen und sich über ihre Erfahrungen der Programmteilnahme und der Lehre an der Universität Potsdam auszutauschen. Der Abend ist mit einem Get-together auf der Dachterrasse der Wissenschaftsetage ausgeklungen.

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