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Workshop "International Business Negotiations - Basic Course"

Managers face many situations that require the use of effective negotiation skills. They need to know how to recognize situations that call for negotiation, to understand the negotiation process, and to know how to analyze, plan and implement successful negotiation strategies. More importantly, the course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to develop and practice negotiation skills.


Class time will be largely devoted to negotiation sessions involving a number of different situations that managers are likely to face.
This course is designed to provide managers-to-be with an understanding of:

  • the negotiation process
  • different types of negotiation situations
  • the variety of strategies and tactics (and responses to them) that can be used in negotiations
  • issues associated with negotiations in a multi-cultural, global environment

Workshop profile

Target group
PhDs and Postdocs, participants' knowledge of English should correspond to the European level C1/C2
Duration  2 days


Prof. Dr. Barry D. Floyd


We recommend you to read the book „Getting to Yes: Negotiating an agreement without giving in“– of Roger Fisher (Random House Business Books) for the course preparation. You can borrow the book in our library.


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